The production studio
for visionary people.

Sala Giochi is a video, photographic and digital modern production House, opened in Turin in September 2016 with the aim of actively building the future of communication and advertising as an author, a creator of content that interacts, creates and broadens the scope of its target community.

The studio’s initiatives are born from a clear vision of how advertising and entertainment should mingle to create a more effective and incisive communication.

That is why Sala Giochi combines in one single conceptual space the soul of a traditional production studio with the creation of pure entertainment to conquer the public.

The studio is a House where creative content is produced for the partner brands and for new clients that have the same objective, both on commission and to co-produce fresh, unprecedented projects, proposed and managed by the studio itself throughout the whole process, from concept to reality.

The studio’s founding idea, which inspires all of its projects, is that a production house should partner and involve a brand in each stage of the communication project, anticipating the brand’s needs and shortening the time between the idea generation and the action.

“A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet”.

Orson Welles